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Selling your house in Roanoke VA? Don’t want to pay commission but not interested in listing yourself? Why not examine the option of selling to a local cash home buyer?

There are a number of reasons to consider Selling Your House for Cash in Roanoke VA. If you’ve never really explored working with a professional cash home buyer, you may be surprised to learn why so many choose this option. 

Professional cash home buyers provide a solution to homeowners with properties they need to sell but just don’t fit the bill for a traditional listing or don’t want to list with an agent. Here are five benefits of selling your house for cash in Roanoke VA.

Traditional Listing Expenses

Skipping the commissions may be one of the most attractive benefits of selling your house for cash in Roanoke VA. The most significant expense when selling through a traditional listing is usually the real estate agent commission. Typically, the seller pays a commission of around 5-6% of the sale price to their listing agent, which is split with the buyer’s agent.

By selling directly to a professional cash buyer like one from Linken Investments, you save several thousand dollars in commissions and fees compared to using a traditional real estate agent.

And you don’t have to pay all of the typical marketing expenses involved with listing the property yourself. These may include professional photographers and drone pilots, updating or renovating the property, and staging expenses. Because buyers searching for homes listed on the MLS have hundreds of listings at their fingertips, a professional agent focuses on top-quality internet marketing, which comes at a premium cost to sellers. 

Quick Closings

Cash home buyers typically close the sale quickly, often within a few days or weeks, since they do not have to wait for mortgage approvals or inspections.

Saving time is a convenient benefit of selling your house for cash in Roanoke VA. A professional cash buyer like the ones at Linken Investments will take the time to explain each step and how they reached the figures to make a fair offer for your home.

When working with a cash home buyer, typically, closing is within a matter of days or weeks. At Linken Investments we want to offer solutions to your problems and make it an easy transaction for you.

We will handle everything for you. When you sell to Linken Investments, you are working with a professional, you gain the power of the team behind us, from inspection to appraisal, and even cleaning up anything you leave behind. Because we aren’t moving into the home after the sale, we can close around your schedule, so there’s no need to rush your move. 

Uncertainty of Repairs

Unless your home is new, likely, there are at least a few repairs on your to-do list. For many sellers, worrying about how they will pay for these repairs can lead to many sleepless nights. Buyers will typically request a home inspection and appraisal before finalizing the sale, which the seller may need to pay for upfront.

Because a cash home buyer is making an offer on your house as it is, you can leave all your worries behind. There will not be an inspection or appraisal when selling to a cash home buyer like Linken Investments. You don’t need to clean paint or fix a thing.

Not only does a professional cash buyer like those at Linken Investments relieve you of your concerns, you are relieved of the burden of the repairs you know about and the ones you don’t! Cash buyers take on the risks of what may lie hidden. Potentially saving you thousands in unexpected repair expenses. That is a substantial financial benefit of selling your house for cash in Roanoke VA.

No Stress

No showings! Very often, sellers motivating factor in selling their house for cash in Roanoke VA is to avoid the hassle and headache of showings.

Many people find the thought of having their home exposed to millions of people online upsetting. Sellers are often uncomfortable with the idea of strangers inside the house or touching their belongings. When you work with a professional cash home buyer like those at Linken Investments, there is no need to worry about keeping your home spotless at all times or rescheduling your life around excited buyers who simply must see the house right now. No one will be calling at dinner or asking you to leave all weekend while your home is open for anyone curious to walk through.

Time is Money

Avoiding holding costs is a benefit of selling your house for cash in Roanoke VA.

Holding costs are expenses that a homeowner incurs while they hold onto a property, and can be an important consideration when selling a home. Some of the common holding costs that a homeowner may incur when selling a home include:

  1. Mortgage payments: Homeowners will need to continue making their monthly mortgage payments until the home is sold, which can be a significant expense.
  2. Property taxes: Property taxes are an ongoing expense that a homeowner must pay while they own the home.
  3. Homeowners insurance: Homeowners must maintain their insurance coverage until the sale of the home is completed.
  4. Utilities: The homeowner will also need to continue paying for utilities, such as electricity, gas, and water, until the sale of the home is completed.
  5. Maintenance and repairs: The homeowner may need to continue to pay for maintenance and repairs to keep the property in good condition for potential buyers.

A traditional listing doesn’t include a closing date when you sign a contract with a real estate agent. If you have had to relocate for work or personal issues, waiting for a buyer to make a decent offer may leave you carrying the financial responsibility for two homes. You may also have to spend money and time to travel between the two properties. However, by choosing to sell directly to a professional cash buyer like one from Linken Investments, there are no financing delays, so your closing date is guaranteed. 

Wondering which method is best for you? At Linken Investments, our professional cash home buyers will outline your options to help you determine which is best for your circumstances, a traditional listing or selling your house for cash in Roanoke VA directly to us. Call Linken Investments at 540-596-5030 or send us a message!

Linken Investments, Roanoke’s Trusted Home Buyer and Seller

Linken Investments LLC. is a local real estate solutions company based out of Lynchburg, VA. We are Roanoke’s Trusted Cash Home Buyers. We have been buying houses for cash in the Roanoke area since 2005. We are also Licensed Realtors in the state of Virginia. Since we are a real estate investment company as well as a licensed and reputable real estate agent, we have multiple ways we can work with you to sell your Roanoke home fast and for the highest price. We provide you a way to see all of your options in one spot, letting you choose whether you want to maximize the price of your sale by listing on the Roanoke area MLS or whether selling fast and simply is more important to you.

Our years of experience are one reason clients trust Linken Investments to complete the sale of their Roanoke area property quickly with honesty and integrity. We’re a family-owned business and focus on helping homeowners like you find solutions to your problem whether you’re going through a foreclosure, selling an inherited property, or just need to sell your Roanoke house fast for any reason. Linken Investments offers you the chance to sell your Roanoke home in a simple, stress-free, cash transaction, or you can list the house with us. We’ll sell your Roanoke area house at the highest possible price with our wide buyer network and the best marketing in Virginia.

Linken Investments can buy your home exactly as it is, no repairs or cleaning needed, and we pay all cash and close fast, in as little as 7 days or when it works best for you. Think of all the time and money that can save you. There’s no easier or quicker way to sell your Roanoke house fast and get on with the next chapter in your life. We Buy Houses Roanoke VA.

It won’t cost you any money and only about an hour of your time to find out how much cash we’ll pay you for your house. And you’ll be under no obligation to accept our offer, so you have nothing to lose but a house that’s standing between you and the life you want to enjoy.

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