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Listing your home for sale isn’t always the best choice, especially if your property isn’t well matched to the demands of the traditional real estate market. Unfortunately, if you have done any research, you have probably learned you won’t save yourself any time or money by listing on your own as it rarely works out as planned. With only an average of about 11% being successful, FSBO listings sell for about 26% less than those listed with an agent. Read on as we explore the information we’ve compiled to help you consider the Benefits of selling your house directly in Roanoke VA. 

First, let’s review the pros and cons of selling your house directly in Roanoke and how this affects your profits. While you won’t sell at a higher profit than if you had listed on the market, you will save on the commissions and other costs of hiring a real estate agent. The bottom line is that sellers want to make the highest possible profit. No matter which method they select, they want to receive a fair price for the current market. Hybrid investor real estate agents do not charge commissions when you sell your house to them directly in the role of a professional investor, there will be no hidden fees in the contract, and you won’t even pay the closing costs. The local hybrid investor real estate agents like those at Linken Investments will compare the amount you could earn by listing vs. their offer to buy your home directly. You will have the line-by-line accounting of how we reached the offer to ensure the offer is fair. We do this at Linken Investments because we want you to feel good about the deal long after you have left the closing table.

With a direct sale, you can bypass all the hurdles of finding buyers and helping them qualify for financing by scheduling inspections, appraisals, and all too often, making unexpected repairs at your own expense. When you sell directly, a professional buyer will purchase your home as it is, so making repairs will no longer be of any concern to you.

If you have decided that a direct sale is the best method to sell your home, it is essential to check out potential buyers before you sign on the dotted line. Do your homework first to ensure that you are working with an upstanding company. The following signs show you can trust your buyer when selling your house directly in Roanoke VA.

Written Contract

A trustworthy buyer puts the offer in writing. While shaking hands is significant in deal-making, a professional should write down any business transaction of significance, especially a contract to sell your home. An indication you can have confidence in your buyer when selling your house directly in Roanoke VA is their willingness to make sure you understand all of the steps in the process. Direct buyers like those at Linken Investments go over the contract with you to ensure that you feel the offer is fair, and you do not end up having seller’s remorse at the closing table. 

Keeping the transaction straightforward with no hidden fees or surprises awaiting you at closing is a good sign that you can trust your buyer when selling your house directly in Roanoke VA. A direct buyer should make an offer you feel is fair; explaining exactly how much cash you will walk away from the closing with should not be a mystery.  So how does it all work?

A professional buyer like those at Linken Investments, will present and compare the numbers for listing your home with a traditional real estate agent versus selling directly to a cash buyer. Every figure should be explained in detail so that you can make an objective comparison.


When a company comes highly recommended by their clients, this is proof that you can trust your buyer when selling your house directly in Roanoke VA. You should not feel pressured to rush into a decision or feel obligated to work with a direct buyer. Circumstance often plays a significant role in the sale of a home, and the professional buyer should listen to you and help you solve your problems.

If you are looking for all the signs that you can trust your buyer when selling your house directly in Roanoke VA, Linken Investments invites you to check our reviews for yourself. You will find that Linken Investments is all of the things sellers and buyers are looking for and more. While helping neighbors solve financial or personal problems one home at a time, the work we do at Linken Investments also improves Roanoke communities and the overall lifestyle for all residents. At Linken Investments we do not see you as just another number. We care deeply about the individuals and families in our community and are proud of the work they do. 

Available Cash

Another signal you can trust your buyer when selling your house directly in Roanoke VA is that they have been in business successfully for many years. Longevity serves to prove their financial ability to back the cash offer they are making and pay off your mortgage without delay. At Linken Investments we have cash available to close quickly on a date you chose. Some buyers will make you a cash offer, then run around trying to find someone they can sell your contract to because they dont have the money to close the deal.

You do not need to deal with inexperienced buyers who tie up your house looking for financing. At Linken Investments we have cash available to close on a date you chose. The power of cash allows an experienced buyer like those at Linken Investments to close quickly, so you can pay off creditors or even avoid foreclosure procedures. And because they won’t be moving in, working with a direct buyer means delaying closing is no problem if you need time before relocating.

Selling your home is an important decision. The pros at Linken Investments are highly seasoned experts who are proud to serve their community through their work, improving Roanoke one home, one neighborhood and one neighbor at a time. If you are considering selling your house directly in Roanoke, talk to one of our hybrid investor real estate agents without any obligation and find out how we can help you. At Linken Investments, our hybrid real estate agents stop and take the time to listen. You can rest assured we have your best interest at heart. When you work with our hybrid real estate agents at Linken Investments, we can help you weigh the pros and cons of each process against your personal and financial wants and needs, and you will benefit from our full-service in-house team that makes the process quick, smooth and easy. Call Linken Investments at 540-596-5030.

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Linken Investments LLC. is a local real estate solutions company based out of Lynchburg, VA. We are Roanoke’s Trusted Cash Home Buyers. We have been buying houses for cash in the Roanoke area since 2005. We are also Licensed Realtors in the state of Virginia. Since we are a real estate investment company as well as a licensed and reputable real estate agent, we have multiple ways we can work with you to sell your Roanoke home fast and for the highest price. We provide you a way to see all of your options in one spot, letting you choose whether you want to maximize the price of your sale by listing on the Roanoke area MLS or whether selling fast and simply is more important to you.

Our years of experience are one reason clients trust Linken Investments to complete the sale of their Roanoke area property quickly with honesty and integrity. We’re a family-owned business and focus on helping homeowners like you find solutions to your problem whether you’re going through a foreclosure, selling an inherited property, or just need to sell your Roanoke house fast for any reason. Linken Investments offers you the chance to sell your Roanoke home in a simple, stress-free, cash transaction, or you can list the house with us. We’ll sell your Roanoke area house at the highest possible price with our wide buyer network and the best marketing in Virginia.

Linken Investments can buy your home exactly as it is, no repairs or cleaning needed, and we pay all cash and close fast, in as little as 7 days or when it works best for you. Think of all the time and money that can save you. There’s no easier or quicker way to sell your Roanoke house fast and get on with the next chapter in your life. We Buy Houses Roanoke VA.

It won’t cost you any money and only about an hour of your time to find out how much cash we’ll pay you for your house. And you’ll be under no obligation to accept our offer, so you have nothing to lose but a house that’s standing between you and the life you want to enjoy.

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